"An American politician will sell his mother to get elected, sell his father to get re-elected, and sell his children to maintain power in office” [Dr BearClayborn]

 From a political standpoint Republicans don’t have a chance in hell to retain the White House in 2016.  Regardless if the gullible zealous celebrity driven populous of the Democrat Party become disgruntled with its leadership and not vote in 2014 or 2016, Republicans will not win the presidency in 2016.  Common sense bears out the reality outcome that the populous or demographic sustainability evolving in America dictates that the Republican Party will fade into elephant dung piles.  The question is why?

21st Century America

U.S. Census Bureau statistics clearly indicate that by 2016 the U.S. populous forecast will consist of 61% liberal persuasion.  A combination of liberals, democrats, illegal Mexicans, amnesty granted Mexicans, foreign born inhabitants, American African voters and unauthorized immigrants will tally the 61% populous of America in 2016.  As we all know without prejudice this projected 61% will undoubtedly represent Democrat Party voters.  The remaining 2016 citizenry of 39% will encompass a mix bag of conservatives, independents and republicans.  Therefore from the simple basic calculative analysis via U.S. Census Bureau the political climate in America will retain a strong unbalanced partisan left persuasion that will automatically lock out the Republican Party from setting foot in the White House.  This reality should induce Conservatives to immediately initiate a quick strategy of performing three timely actions to harvest and salvage some portion of America:

1. Regroup American citizens who stand 100% with the founding fathers interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.

2. Immediately and officially declare a Conservative Party Ticket for 2014 and 2016

3. Promptly prepare conservatives to regroup individually and collectively as sovereign independent satellites [states] and reintroduce America to the world [conservative states seceding by proper constitutional process]. 

Is there a Conservative that’s Not Afraid to Stand?

If possible someone should identify a very strong Conservative Leader who will stand and announce a reasonable and legitimate plan for conservatives and non-liberals to unite and “Reintroduce America” to the world.  By default [39 years of pathetic border patrol] the demography of America has totally changed by the persuading agenda of liberal and socialist values contrary to the constitution. Someone has to stand and demand that the U.S. Constitution be preserved so that America may be preserved.  Once again the facts are not being properly analyzed by Conservatives or Republicans in determining the permanent shift of society [demography] or the “out of order” morals and values [abortion, illegal aliens, same sex marriage, global warming] carved into America’s conscious. 

Two Ring Political Circus

At some time and point today or tomorrow someone must stand up and inform the world that the 2008-2016 American government did not or does not represent the United States Constitution.  The transition of political power from one political party [Republican] to another [Democrat] has become a two ring circus.  The desperate political clowns of both parties are willing to devalue the worth of citizen voting to a level of dodging circus elephant speed bumps [dong piles/constituents] and jackass foot warmers [small dong piles/constituents].  National voting is merely a cyclical circus process that career politicians despise enduring, but they have to go through the process to buy back their political office.  Knowing the current citizenry is gullible and docile enough to be lured into paying to see a two ring circus act which features politicians misusing tax money you paid to the IRS is a real laughter. 

Democrat Party Secret Weapon

In addition to the two ring circus performance by deceptive political clowns [Senators, Congresswomen, etc…] it is clear that Republican clowns are rich but dumb, while Democrat clowns are rich and politically smart.  An amazing example that proves this is the Democrat Party has been in full engagement of political war against Republicans since 2008. On the other hand since 2008, Republicans have been trying to get Democrats to play “monopoly board game” with them.  

Another part of the political equation is Conservatives allowing themselves to be used by Republicans like a dog uses a fire hydrant.  The Republican Party typically uses Conservative voters as their conventional political weapon against Democrats.  The Democrat Party on the other hand uses superior political-conventional-weapons of CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC and NPR as their weapon of choice against Republicans or anyone that confront their historical political screw up messiah-Obama.  As noted recently, the Democrat Party has an ultimate political nuclear weapon called the “IRS.”  They use this secret weapon against anyone who opposes America’s “Nightmare" Hussein Obama; aka Idi Amin Hussein Obama.

Trading Americans for Illegal Mexicans

If Conservatives don’t establish a third party the country will expedite an immediate exit from democracy into a European socialist form of government.  At least if Conservatives presented an opposite view point of governing there could be some type of hope for a few more citizens to become alert to their freedom in jeopardy. 

This is not the “America” George Washington fought for against the British, and this is not the America that American Soldiers fought for in World War II against Hitler.  Will 21st century America ever reconcile its political differences and understand the unique sovereignty it has been endowed with?  The answer is No!  Can America be reintroduced to the world as the nation of unique sovereignty founded on the principles of the U.S. Constitution?  The answer is YES, but only if Conservatives present a plan to separate from the liberal induced demographic alignment of the country.  

 Conservatives must never forget that the Democrat Party and Republican Party are carelessly trading off America for a "three for one political vote."  For every legal American citizen vote, Democrats and Republicans are willing to trade off for "three" illegal Mexicans or illegal Foreign Nationals vote.  American politicians have performed the most hideous sacrilegious act unthinkable to the founding mothers and fathers by selling off America for an illegal amnesty voter.

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